Interactive Memory Books Dedicated to Helping Children Cope with the Loss of their Loved Ones

Our Story

Welcome to Love Lives On

This website was founded to offer free memory journals to children who have lost loved ones.

The journals were originally created for children to preserve memories of loved ones directly following the World Trade Center tragedy. My Father’s Love, the first, was written at the request of a parent of three young children who had lost their father. In the original printing, thousands of books were received by families who had lost loved ones on 911, including from the financial companies, especially Cantor Fitzgerald. The books went on to firefighters and policemen, The Pentagon, therapists, hospice, grief groups, individuals, Red Cross, and other organizations.

Now, nearly 20 years later, tens of thousands of books have been used by individuals, organizations and families worldwide who have suffered many kinds of loss, from illness, accident, tragedy, divorce, conflict, and loss from the recent wars, and tragic school shootings. And now we have COVID which is also robbing children of their parents, grandparents, and others.

You can read the original story of The Books on The Feather page.

In The Books, children remember and record events and information. The Books are presented in a familiar, loving format with fill-ins, multiple-choices; complete the sentences, colorful clip-art, and spaces for drawings and photographs.

On September 10, 2012, the story of The Books was recorded in NYC for Story Corps and the 911 Museum. The recorded story will be part of the 911 Museum recordings, and will be in the Library of Congress in Washington DC. The Books and related materials are being developed as an exhibit for the 911 Museum.  We are so grateful to be able to honor all of the Moms and other amazing heroes of 911 in this way.

Please take good care, and remember, LOVE LIVES  ON.